Brainworks' world class advertising software and CRM tools combined with the Xpance ad proofing and art department workflow management software creates unparalleled efficiencies designed to grow revenue for media companies.

The benefits ...

  • Totally integrated sales, financial, CRM and ad production workflow.
  • Online portal to allow clients and sales reps to proof, correct and approve print and digital ads from any web-enabled device (iPad and Android tablets, laptops, smart phone). Now supports Apache and ISS web servers.
  • One integrated system for digital and print ad creation.
  • Fully integrated with Adobe Flash.
  • Animated GIF or JPEG ad building fully integrated with Adobe Photoshop.
  • HTML5 ad building fully integrated with Adobe Edge.
  • Significantly increases selling time for sales reps.
  • Digital remote workflow supports 3rd party ad creation studios.
  • Analytical reporting utilizing Microsoft SQL Reporting Services.
  • Supports ad versioning.
  • Quickly and easily order and manage spec ads to drive new sales.
  • Standalone or integrated solutions designed to meet your needs.

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